How To: Using a USB Drive to View Your Files

How to Use a USB Flash Drive to View Files A step-by-step guide on how to copy, view, and edit your files using a drive     If you’re new to the world of USB Drives, it may seem a little confusing at first. Luckily, it’s a pretty simple process once you get the hang…


16mm D-Day Film Transferred to HD mp4

16mm D-Day Film Preserved and Enhanced to HD mp4 Files 1940’s WWII Footage Scanned Frame-by-Frame to Digital Files   AV Workshop recently had the honor of preserving and enhancing 16mm Film from the D-Day Invasion of Normandy. The customer who dropped off these films informed us that they were from his grandfather who was a…


Our HD Film Transfer Process

Learn More About AV Workshop’s HD Film Transfer Process How We Digitize 8mm, Super 8, and 16mm Film         Our HD Film Transfer Process:   Step 1: Organize, Clean, Repair We start each HD Film Transfer by organizing, cleaning, and repairing your film. This includes repairing any faulty splices and adding new…