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Do you have precious old photographs that are torn, faded, or stained? AV Workshop can digitize and help recover your damaged photos with our Photo Restoration service. Check out a few of our recent photo restoration jobs below.

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Swisher Family of 18, Kansas, 1920s


Digital Photo Repair San Francisco

Image Scanning and Restoration San Jose

These photos presented many challenges as they were not only ripped, stained, and faded, but also missing pieces. We scanned these images at 600 dpi using our Epson V800 Photo Scanner and then brought them into Adobe Photoshop where we began the restoration process. We digitally repaired tears and cracks, eliminated stains, and balanced the faded color.

While this service is a tedious manual process, we do our best to bring renewed life to your old photographs so they can be cherished and preserved in all their original glory (or at least much closer to it!).

In the end, you will receive your original photograph back along with the new restored digital image on a USB Flash Drive. With your image now preserved as a digital file you can easily share, upload, email, and view your image just about anywhere (Smart TVs, Laptops, MAC, Windows, etc…)! You can even upload the digital file to printing websites, such as Shutterfly, who can print new high quality versions of your restored image so you can have physical copies as well!

Photo Restoration Services are available here at Audio Video Workshop and require a custom quote. In person quotes are recommended. However, you can also email or text a picture of the image you need restored for a custom quote.


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