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Why choose AV Workshop?
AV Workshop has been in business for over 30 yrs and has never lost a client’s master or keepsake. Every staff member at AV Workshop has a B.A. Degree in this field. Since we have a storefront in the San Francisco Bay Area, you can walk in and drop your project off in person.

Do you ship work out like most other shops or do it there?
We do all work in house. Unlike small camera stores and big box stores like Costco, we perform all work right here in our Redwood City Lab. You can rest easy knowing your project will never leave our shop.

How long does it take?
Depending on the type of work / media you have, it will take between 1 day and 4 weeks. However, most jobs are turned within 1-2 weeks.

Can I ship my project to you?
Absolutely, you can order through our online store. You will receive instructions on how and where to ship your project. Orders over $250 qualify for FREE (Round Trip) shipping. For orders below $250, order through our shopping cart and ship it to our address. There is a return shipping fee of $18. You will be notified both when we receive your order and when it ships out. Furthermore, we keep a digital copy of your project backed up on our server for a couple wks after it ships out.

Frequently Asked Questions

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8mm-super 8-16mm film transfer

Film Transfer

We scan 8mm, 16mm and Super 8 Film in High Definition to Bluray, HD Digital mp4 File and DVD.

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convert video to dvd bay area

Video Transfer

We can Convert any Video tape to DVD and Digital File including VHS, VHS-C, Hi8, MiniDV and Beta.

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photo scanning slide negatives

Image Scanning

We scan slides, negatives and photos to JPEG or TIFF in high resolution with professional scanners.

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audio transfer service

Audio Transfer

We convert Audio Cassettes, Reel to Reel Audio tape and Records / LPs to CD or Digital files (mp3, WAVE and AIFF).

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Our Specialties

Not only do we Transfer Film and Convert Video tapes but we shoot and edit video as well. We are your one-stop video shop!


All work is done in house right here in our Redwood City Lab.


We have the latest HD film scanning technology and use broadcast quality video equipment!


All staff members have a bachelor’s degree in video, film and audio.


We speak real English, not jargon. Our knowledgeable staff will always treat you like family.


300 Aikido Martial Arts Audio Interviews Transferred to High Quality WAVE Files

AV Workshop recently converted a collection of 300 Aikido martial arts philosophy audio cassette tapes to uncompressed hi-bit rate digital WAVE files. Aikido is not just a physical practice but also a philosophy that aims to promote peace and personal growth. This audio collection contained over 340 oral interviews of Japanese martial art philosophers on their philosophies and practices.

Before playback, we cleaned, packed, and labeled all the tapes by number. We used professional grade Sony audio cassette decks for capture and ran the audio through high quality stereo cables into a pro audio workstation running Sony Sound Forge. After capture, we applied level optimization to properly balance the levels at approx -6 db.

AV Workshop created a separate WAVE file for each cassette and labeled each file by number (corresponding to the numbers we labeled the tapes). We then dragged the files onto a USB Hard Drive. The audio files are now preserved forever and can now be easily played, shared and edited! Con’t Reading…

American Mobster Bugsy Siegel 16mm Film Preserved to HD mp4 Files

The Mob Museum in Las Vegas, Nevada reached out to AV Workshop again to digitize a collection of mobster Bugsy Siegel’s home movies. AV Workshop scanned each of these reels frame-by-frame in 2048 x 1536 definition. Now these movies are preserved in a High Definition mp4 format so that they can be easily used in projects for The Mob Museum.

We use professional grade scanners which feature an enlarged gate – meaning we can scan the entire film frame and nothing gets cut out. We also use a bright and cool LED light source so we get rich, vibrant color with no risk of the film deteriorating.

We output the films as HD mp4 Files (1920 x 1080p, 50 mb/s) and organize them onto a flash drive. These versatile mp4 files can be edited, shared, and played just about anywhere! Con’t Reading…

Convert Audio Cassette to mp3

Aikido Martial Arts Philosophy Cassettes Converted to WAVE Files

16mm Film Transfer to Digital File

Bugsy Siegel Home Movies Transferred to Digital

Historic Basketball Coach Frederick Snowden U-matic Tape Archives Preserved to Digital

AV Workshop recently converted a historic archive of 3/4″ U-matic college basketball videotapes to High Definition mp4 Files. These videotapes feature Frederick Snowden, also known as ‘The Fox’, the first black head coach at a major college in the United States. The 3/4″ U-matic tapes documented various games Snowden coached, some of his inspirational locker room speeches, the creation of his game plan strategies, and even sit down interviews.

AV started by running the tapes through our high-end professional grade tape decks. We used each tape only once as a playback source and captured the footage directly into our editing suite. Once the tapes were captured, we enhanced the audio by raising the gain to about -6 db and applying noise reduction.

After this process, we rendered the movies to HD mp4 Files using the H.264 Codec (the max bitrate) and increased the resolution to 1280 x 720 60p. This smooths the motion of the videos and creates sharp detail without jagged edges.

Finally, we dragged the new HD mp4 Files onto a single USB Hard Drive. Now, the movies can be shared, played, edited, and uploaded almost anywhere (Windows, Smart TVs, MAC, etc…)!
Con’t Reading…

Al Capone’s Miami Mansion 16mm Film Enhanced and Converted to Digital mp4 Files

AV Workshop recently worked with The Mob Museum in Las Vegas, Nevada to digitize Al Capone’s 16mm film. This reel was filmed almost 100 years ago in 1929 at his mansion in Miami, Florida. We scanned every frame of this reel 2048 x 1536 resolution and then output it to an HD mp4 File that can be shared, edited, and uploaded.

At AV Workshop we transfer all film to digital in-house. Our scanners have an enlarged gate – which means we can scan the entire film frame and nothing gets cut out. We also use a bright and cool LED light source so we get rich, vibrant color with no risk of burning the film.

We export your films as High Definition mp4 Files (1920 x 1080p, 50 mb/s) and organize them onto a flash drive. These files can be edited, shared, and played almost anywhere! Con’t Reading…

Convert U-matic to Digital Bay Area

Coach Fred Snowden Basketball Archives Preserved to Digital

Al Capone 16mm Film Transfer to HD mp4

Al Capone 16mm Film Transferred to Digital mp4

Koko the Gorilla MiniDV Archive Preserved to High Definition mp4 Files

AV Workshop recently digitized a MiniDV archive to HD mp4 Files for a Northern California gorilla preservation foundation. These tapes documented Koko – a gorilla known primarily for her ability to use and understand sign language.

The Gorilla Foundation not only wanted to preserve these precious tapes, but they also wanted the videos converted to a high quality and editable format so they could be used for future projects.

AV Workshop captured each tape directly into our editing suite using a lossless firewire connector. Then we applied our HD Upres service to output each MiniDV into a separate HD mp4 File (1280×720 60p). As a result, The Gorilla Foundation now has their MiniDV collection preserved as digital files that can be edited, shared, and easily viewed with modern day technology (Smart TV, Laptop, Computer, etc…)! Con’t Reading…

New Service!
Convert your CDs to mp3 and WAVE Files

Audio Video Workshop is now offering a new CD to Digital Conversion Service! At AV, we can convert your audio CDs to mp3 and WAVE files. You will receive your files on a USB Flash Drive – which will have all your discs organized by album. All you have to do is click whichever album you’d like and you’ll see all the tracks and their info right there!

CD Ripping is the process of extracting raw audio files from CDs and converting them to a digital file format (such as WAVE or mp3 files). There are many benefits of converting your audio CD library to a digital library. These include preservation of your CDs (digital files can’t get scratched, broken, or damaged), a much more compact way to store all of your CDs, and the ability to share or upload individual tracks. In short, CD Ripping is the transfer of your CDs to digital files in a digital library.

Once we convert your CDs to Digital, you will receive your original media back along with your flash drive containing your new digital library! Learn more about this service / Get an estimate

MiniDV Tapes Converted to mp4 Files USB Flash Drive

Koko the Gorilla MiniDV Archive Converted to Digital Files

Convert CD to mp3 and WAVE Files

AV Workshop has provided Video Services since 1981

We have been very fortunate to work with some of Silicon Valley’s most prestigious companies! However, no job is too big or small for AV Workshop.

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