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Bring Your Memories Back to Life! Audio Video Workshop provides video tape repair services. Whether the tape is wrinkled, twisted, has sticky tape syndrome or is stuck we can fix it! Once the broken video tape is repaired, we will transfer it to a high quality DVD. By transferring your video tapes to DVD, your videos will last a lifetime.

Additionally, we can digitally restore your video tape by running the video signal through our time base corrector and digital filter system. Once the audio and video has been digitized, we can enhance the audio with our digital noise reduction & level optimization process. So, bring your memories into AV-Workshop and Back to Life Today!

We can repair VHS, VHS-C, Hi8, D8, 8mm, Betamax, DV, mini DV, DVCAM, Betacam SP, and HDV tapes.


Video Tape Repair w DVD Transfer (120min) (Does not include Baking Service)
$54 each
Video Tape Repair w Digital File Transfer (120min) (Does not include Baking Service)
$64 each
DVD Copy / DVD Duplication


Sticky tape syndrome (sticky shed syndrome) can be included in the tape repair process (if needed). Sticky tape often happens to video tape within 15-20 yrs. It is a result caused by deterioration from the binder (glue) in magnetic tape, which contain the iron oxide covering to its plastic carrier. This deterioration makes the tape useless. Some types of binders are known to stop working overtime, due to the absorption of moisture (hydrolysis).

The signs of sticky tape are immediately obvious, for the tape will not play or rewind. Often the reels of the tape squeak or screech. We are seeing more video tapes come through our shop with the sticky tape syndrome. Please do not let this happen to your tapes; bring them into Audio Video Workshop before it’s too late!

In the event that your video tapes have expired and have developed sticky-shed syndrome, you may need to have your videotape baked. Baking temporarily restores the video tape by driving the water molecules from the binder so that it can be quickly be transferred or digitized to a DVD or Hard Drive. We no longer offer tape-baking.



*Tape Cleaning and Mold: If you notice white flakes or specks scattered on the reels of tape through the clear plastic window – this is mold. Sorry, but we cannot clean tape nor can we transfer videotapes with mold.


VHS Tape Repair

EX: VHS Tape with Mold

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