Stretch your training budget by transforming your live power point presentations into a (self-training) online training video that goes beyond just the one-time meeting.

Here’s how it works:

  • We videotape your speakers giving the presentation
  • You give / send us the power point slide project
  • We produce company customized training presentations including the audio video of the speakers in sync with their power point slides
  • A scrollable interactive index is included so trainees can find specific topics to select or return to for review
  • Online training video / presentation can be published to your server / website or CD / DVD (12 hrs onto 1 DVD)
  • Online Training Video / Presentation plays on any PC and most Macs


  • High-quality online presentations (slides full-res)
  • On-demand training content that engages user
  • Viewable online, from server, or disc
  • Multiple hrs – multiple presentations onto 1 CD / DVD (12 hrs – 1 DVD)
  • Cost effective / Inexpensive
  • Helps employees / trainees retain info and review at their own pace

Great for:

  • Medical Training
  • Management Training
  • Development Training
  • Business Training
  • Sales Training
  • Employee Training
  • Corporate Meeting
  • Customer Service Training
  • Project Management Training
  • Business Management Training
  • Professional Training
  • New Hire Training
  • Corporate Training
  • Safety Training


We also offer CD Duplication and DVD Duplication so you can reach your target on time under budget!