SD Memory Card to DVD Transfer
SD Card to Bluray Transfer
(Flash Card to DVD / Bluray)

Audio Video Workshop can transfer your digital media to DVD or Bluray. Many of us have newer style cameras and camcorders that record video and pictures to SD memory cards, multi media cards, or flash cards. Although these camera cards have the benefit of being tapeless, quite often consumers find them hard to work with and risk deleting / erasing their videos and pictures forever.

We recommend having us convert your digital videos and pictures to a DVD or Bluray. By transferring your videos and pictures to DVD / Bluray, you will not have to worry about deleting or erasing your digital videos and pictures from your multi media card, SD card, or flash card, nor will you have to hook up your camera to the TV to view your memories. Now, just pop your new DVD or Bluray into a DVD or Blu-ray player and enjoy the show.

Many digital camcorders record in high definition these days. We can keep your videos in high definition by transferring them to a Bluray. However, Blurays will only play in Bluray players and not in DVD players. If you do not have a Bluray player we can down-convert your High-Definition (HD) videos to Standard Definition (SD) and create a DVD for your DVD player.

We can transfer or convert SD memory cards, micro SD cards, mini SD cards, compact flash memory cards, multi media cards, P2 cards, SDHC cards, SDXC cards, and ms pro cards. We can transfer all types of digital video files such as .mts, .mov, .avi, .m2v, .mxf, mpeg, .h264, and AVCHD. Also, we can convert any size card. Some common size SD Cards are 2GB, 4GB, 8GB, 16GB, 32GB and now 64GB.

When transferring to DVD or Bluray, we recommend no more than 2 hours of video per disc. 1 hour of video results in the highest quality possible while 2 hours is still very good. Any more than 2 hours results in a lower bit rate than desirable, producing a drop in resolution. We also offer DVD Duplication and Bluray Duplication for as many DVD / BDR duplicates as you need. So protect your digital media by bringing or shipping it to Audio Video Workshop and enjoy the playback of your precious memories risk-free! We can also transfer your iPhone Videos to DVD or Bluray as well as your iPad videos and photos.


SD CARD TRANSFER TO DVD $29 (per hour / card)

  • Up to 1 hours of SD video transferred to DVD (per SD card)
  • Autoplay DVD
  • Imbedded chapter marks every 5 minutes
  • Highest Archival Grade 100 Year DVD-R media used for increased compatibility / life (Water & Scratch Resistant)
  • Title of video printed directly on disc
  • Packaged in a C-shell case

SD CARD TRANSFER TO BLURAY $49 (per hour / card)

  • Up to 1 hours of HD video transferred to Bluray (per SD card)
  • Autoplay Bluray
  • Imbedded chapter marks every 5 minutes
  • High-quality BD-R media used for increased compatibility
  • Title of video printed directly on disc
  • Packaged in a C-shell case

DVD Case & Scene Selection





Price Each

SD Card to DVD Transfer (up to 1hr. per card)
SD Card to Bluray Transfer (up to 1hr. per card)
HD Down-Convert to SD – for DVD only if necessary (per card)
Add Pictures from Card (up to 50) includes cross dissolve / orientation
Add Scene Selection and Custom Case w/Stills
Add Editing – Removal of Gaps & Ground Shake
DVD copies  1-9=$9.75      10-24=$7.45
Bluray copies  1-9=$19.75      10-24=$15.45


Tech Info

By transferring your digital pictures and videos to DVD / Bluray, your videos will last a lifetime. We create DVD’s and Blurays utilizing the DVD-R / BD-R standard, which is the most compatible recordable DVD/ BDR format to date. We use the very best and most expensive discs (Taiyo Yuden – made in Japan). Thus, you can be assured that your DVD / BD-R will be as compatible and reliable as possible. Furthermore, we use watershield DVDs which are water and scratch resistant. We print directly on disc in full color, not on a paper label. Paper labels tend to throw off the balance of a DVD / BDR at high RPMs resulting in digital dropout of your video.

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