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CD Conversion to Digital Files

CD Duplication and CD CopyAudio Video Workshop is happy to announce our new CD to Digital Conversion Service! Do you have old CDs laying around that you’d like to convert to digital? At AV, we can convert your audio CDs to mp3 and WAVE files. Our software is able to pull all the information from the albums – thus you’ll have the metadata for each track (track number, title, artist, length, etc.). You will receive your files on a USB Flash Drive – which will have all your discs organized by album. All you have to do is click whichever album you’d like and you’ll see all the tracks and their info right there!

  • 1. Gather and dust off your CDs
    As you gather your media, it's helpful to wipe off any excess dust. This helps your CDs transfer smoothly and prevents our machine from getting filled with dust.
  • 2. Place CDs on spindles
    We will send you spindles to place your discs onto in the order you would like them.
  • 3. Ship or drop-off your media
    Once your CDs are organized onto the spindles, you're ready to drop-off or mail us your media!
  • 4. Media is converted
    We convert your CDs to mp3 and WAVE files
  • 5. CDs and Flashdrive are shipped to you
    We ship you back your CDs on the spindles along with the USB Flash Drive with your new digital files.
  • 6. Enjoy all your audio files in one place!
    Now you can plug your Flash Drive into any computer, laptop, smart TV, etc. and conveniently enjoy all your music together in one place!

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CD Transfer to Digital Files

As low as $1.75 per CD

Includes both High Quality mp3 Files and WAVE Files
– mp3  (Listen anywhere Smartphone, Car Stereo, Computer, Smart TV, etc..)
– WAVE  (Highest uncompressed quality)
– USB Delivery (Cloud Ready)

  • Buy 10-49 at $3.75 each
  • Buy 50-99 at $3.25 each
  • Buy 100-499 at $2.75 each
  • Buy 500-999 at $2.25 each
  • Buy 1000 or more at $1.75 each
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  1. Gather your media
  2. Place your order online by adding to the cart above
  3. We will provide you with spindles to place your discs onto
  4. We digitize your CDs!
  5. You will receive your original media back along with your new USB Flash Drive



  1. Use some Windex or a cloth to gently wipe off any fingerprints / debris you happen to notice (if possible). This helps provide an error free transfer of your discs.
  2. We will send you spindles or you can pick them up in-store. All you need to do is stack your discs onto the spindles and either ship them to us or drop them off! If you had your CDs in a certain order, you can label the spindles starting at #1, #2, #3, and so on…
    *Note: You will receive your physical CDs back in the same order. Your CDs will automatically be organized alphabetically on the Flash Drive.
  3. If you are providing your own flash drive or hard drive, include it with your order. Please make sure the drive has enough storage space and can be formatted NTFS or is already formatted NTFS.

*Note: Formatting will erase everything on your drive so if your drive is not formatted NTFS and has files on it you would like to keep – do not use that drive for your CD transfer.

Not sure how to organize / label your media? Click Here

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Let us consolidate your CD collection onto one convenient USB Flash Drive today!


What to Expect:

CD Conversion Service San Francisco Bay Area

Convert CD to mp3 Service Bay Area

You will receive your CDs placed back on the spindles as well as a USB Flash Drive containing all of the albums.

CD Conversion to Digital Files Bay Area

Once you click the music library folder we created on your drive, you will see all your albums in order alphabetically. All you have to do is click any album you want and you will see all the tracks and their info. Simply click the track to play!


What does ripping a CD mean? 

CD Ripping refers to the process of extracting raw audio files from CDs and converting them from the Compact Disc Digital Audio (CD) format to a digital file format (such as WAVE or mp3 files). There are many benefits of converting your audio CD library to a digital library. These include preservation of your CDs (digital files can’t get scratched, broken, or damaged), a much more compact way to store all of your CDs, and the ability to share or upload individual tracks. In short, CD Ripping is the transfer of your CDs to digital files in a digital library.

We convert your CDs to both mp3 and WAVE Files. Which file format is best for what? 

  • mp3 – mp3 files are compressed audio files. They’re more universally compatible for listening than WAVE Files. You can play mp3 files on laptops, computers, Smart TVs, car radios, stereos, etc… They sound great and take up less space on your drive. Due to the smaller file size, this is also a great option if you’re looking to share or upload your music (sending through email, storing on mobile devices, etc.)
  • WAVE – WAVE files are a lossless uncompressed audio file format. This means they contain much more data than mp3 files. Since uncompressed formats have not lost any data, they are the highest quality files. However, they are not as universally compatible for listening as mp3 files.

Does ripping a CD damage / ruin it? 

CD ripping is essentially creating an exact digital copy of the songs on the compact disc. It does not impact the original disc or erase its contents. Furthermore, most software creates CDs as “read-only” discs. This means that devices / computers can view and play the content, but can’t alter or erase it. Therefore, we use your CDs once for playback and do not alter or change them in any way.

Do I get my original CDs back? 

Yes! Your CDs are given back to you along with your new digital files on a USB Flash Drive.

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