SPORTS VIDEOGRAPHY / SCHOLARSHIP VIDEOAudio Video Workshop provides sports videography and scholarship video services. Scholarship DVDs are a great way to highlight your child’s athletic abilities. In the competitive realm of college and pro sports, you only have one chance to make a first impression. Let us create that impression for you by videotaping your athlete’s athletic ability and editing a highlight demo reel for them to send to the colleges of their choice.

We can record one game or multiple games and then create a scholarship video / DVD that focuses on the athlete. The beauty of this video is it can be distributed easily and in excellent quality. Typically we create DVDs as well as a youtube video. We use high definition cameras and are very experienced at sports videography. Thus, you can be assured that your scholarship video will stand out from the pack! Some of the sports videos we have created displayed the athletes in football, soccer, volleyball, basketball, baseball, horse / equestrian vaulting and swimming.

Videotaping of the games ranges from $275 – $325 per game depending on the amount of games shot. Editing is $125 per hr and usually takes no more than 2-4 hrs depending on effects such as freeze frame at the beginning of each play and arrows to make your athlete stand out. Also, we can edit existing footage of your athlete if already on tape / disc. Call today for details and availability – 650-369-4366.