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Standard HD Film Transfer

Standard HD Film Transfer
Standard HD Film Transfer
Standard HD Film Transfer
Standard HD Film Transfer
Standard HD Film Transfer
Standard HD Film Transfer
Standard HD Film Transfer
Standard HD Film Transfer

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Standard HD Film Transfer

STANDARD HD Film Transfer (per reel)
- HD Frame by Frame Film Scanning 1920x1080p
- Includes Film Cleaning & Repair

Please Select what Size Reels you have & how many
3" Reel (50') (Item Price of $19.00)
4" Reel (100') (Item Price of $38.00)
5" Reel (200') (Item Price of $76.00)
6" Reel (300') (Item Price of $114.00)
7" Reel (400') (Item Price of $152.00)
10" Reel (800') (Item Price of $304.00)
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HD Frame by Frame Film Transfer 1920x1080p 8mm, Super 8, and 16mm Film

  • Film Cleaned & Repaired with New Splices and Leader
  • Frame-by-Frame HD Film Scanning
  • HD Full 1920 x 1080p 16×9 Wide Screen
  • Bright & Safe LED Light Source
  • Available on Bluray, HD Digital File or DVD

Bluray & DVD Copies available Below


  1. Select Film Reel Sizes and How many
  2. Choose an Output (Bluray, HD Digital File, or DVD) Optional 2nd Output Avail.
  3. Add to Cart
  4. Check out
  5. Organize / Label your Media (if possible)
  6. Package your Reels into Box and Ship to AV Workshop – 703 Woodside Rd #8, Redwood City, CA 94061
  • We encourage you to pre-number the reels in the order you prefer (if possible) by using info on the outside or inside of the reels or development dates. If you number the reels, we keep them in that order. If no order is specified, we organize the reels by date where possible. We label each reel in order by number. 3″ reels are assembled onto new larger 7″ reels in order. You will receive everything back including the empty film boxes.
  • We Clean, Repair and Scan your Film Frame by Frame in HD
  • We ship you back your Films and Outputs ordered – Bluray, DVD or Digital file
  • You plug in your new Disc or Drive and enjoy those moments all over again!
  • Digital files can easily be edited on a MAC or PC with iMovie, Windows Movie Maker, Adobe Premeire, etc…

*If ordering Blurays or DVDs, please attach a note with Label info Ex: Smith Family Films

You can always Call or Email us w Q’s




Types of Film:

Film Transfer Types 
8mm Film Transfer 
Super 8 Film Transfer  
16mm Film Transfer  
8mm film transfer to dvd 
super 8 film transfer to dvd 
16mm film transfer to dvd 

Reel Sizes and Lengths:

Reel Diameter

Length (By foot)

Length (By time)


50 feet 2-3 minutes
5” 200 feet

12-14 minutes


300 feet 19-22 minutes
7” 400 feet

26-29 minutes

9″ 600 feet

42-48 minutes

10” 800 feet

56-62 minutes

11” 1000 feet

75-80 minutes

12” 1300 feet

100-105 minutes

13” 1600 feet

125-130 minutes

Our Film Transfer Process:

  • 1. Organize, Clean, Repair
    We clean the film, repair splices, and replace leader if needed.
  • 2. HD Frame-By-Frame Scan
    We scan each reel frame-by-frame in high definition using our RetroScan Universal Mach-1 Film Scanners.
  • 3. Adjust Frame Rate
    We assess the motion of each reel and adjust the frame rate to match the original.
  • 4. Edit / Enhance
    We digitally attach the reels in the same order they were labeled and scanned. With our Enhanced option, this is when we adjust the color, brightness / contrast, and saturation of each scene.
  • 5. High Definition Export
    We export for every two hours of film. For mp4 files, we use the H.264 Codec (1920 x 1080p 50 mb/s).
  • 6. Output
    For mp4 Files, you will receive your files on either a flash drive or hard drive. For DVDs, you will receive a disc per every two hours of film.

Learn More About Our HD Film Transfer Process

HD Film Transfer Sample

Customer Review of our Film Transfer Service

AV Workshop Vs. The Other Guys


How Do We Compare to Southtree / Legacy Box

  • Film Transfer Resolution
  • Film Cleaning
  • Frame Rate
  • Data Rate (compression)
  • Films in Order
  • Color Correction Avail.
  • Brightness / Contrast Improvement Avail.
  • Sound Film
  • Film Transfer Method
  • Output Options
  • FREE Shipping
  • Media Lost
  • Average Yelp Review
  • HD 1920x1080p
  • YES
  • Exact – 16, 18, or 24fps (same as original)
  • 50 mb/sec MAX
  • YES - In order requested or by date
  • YES - Scene by Scene
  • YES - Scene by Scene
  • YES
  • HD RetroScan Universal With Upgraded 2K Lens (sprocketless / Frame by Frame)
  • HD 1080p mp4 (50mb/s), Bluray, DVD, HD Tiffs
  • YES (orders over $175)
  • 0
  • 5 Star
  • 640 x 480
  • NO
  • 17 fps
  • 3 mb/s
  • NO
  • NO
  • NO
  • NO
  • State of the Art???
  • low res 480 mp4 (3 mb/s), DVD
  • NO
  • Hundreds
  • 1 - 2 Stars