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Videotape to mp4 File Transfer $39 (per tape)
1 Tape (up to 2Hrs) transferred to mp4 (10mb/s)
- Watch anywhere (Smart TV via USB, MAC, Windows)
- Editable on any Computer
- HD upres 720 60p Now Available!
  • Buy 10-24 at $37.05 each
  • Buy 25-49 at $35.10 each
  • Buy 50-99 at $33.15 each
  • Buy 100 or more at $31.20 each
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Videotape to Digital File Transfer $29 (per tape)
    • 1 Tape (up to 2Hrs) transferred to mp4 File
    • Video Filtered / Stabilized to improve Picture Quality
    • Audio Enhanced - Level Optimization / Noise Reduction
    • mp4 File type - h.264 codec (10 mb/s)
    • Great for Uploading / Sharing - Youtube, Facebook, Vimeo, Instagram, etc...
    • Great for Smart TVs and Media Boxes (WD TV, Apple TV, etc...)
    • Great for Editing - Compatible on Both MAC & PC for Playback & Editing
        • iMovie, Windows Movie Maker, Final Cut, Adobe Premiere, Sony Vegas, etc...
    • Requires Storage Device
        • Available @ $6.75 per tape
        • You can provide your own


  1. Enter the amount of tapes you have
  2. Choose Resolution (Original Res or HD upres 720 60p)
  3. Select if you need a Drive or will be providing your own
  4. Decide if you want to add playable DVDs to your order (1/2 price $20 each)
  5. Add to Cart / Check out
  6. Ship your tapes to AV Workshop
  • We will number each tape (in order by date where poss) and digitize them into files
  • The files will be named Tape 01, Tape 02, etc… (you can rename them later if needed)
  • We ship you your new Digital Files on a USB Flash Drive or Hard Drive, and original tapes
  • You plug the drive into a Smart TV or any computer and enjoy your videos all over again!
  • These files can easily be edited on a MAC or PC with iMovie, Windows Movie Maker, Adobe Premeire, etc…
  • They can be uploaded to private family youtube channel or shared on social media

*If ordering DVDs as well, please attach a sticky note to each tape for label info or just include a note – label info: same as tape

*Please Note:

  • Due to the labor required to play and check tapes for content, there will be a flat fee of $10 for tapes that are blank
  • T.V. recordings will be transferred up to 2 hours max and charged as normal


You can always Call or Email us with any Questions