AV Workshop – Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

  1. AV Workshop is not responsible for media that has been picked up or shipped out.
  2. AV Workshop is not responsible for any work/media that has been left longer than 7 days after the customer has been notified of completion.
  3. AV Workshop is not responsible for data on any storage device. If you are providing a storage device, please make sure it is a fresh drive or has been reformatted (exfat or NTFS). We recommend backing up any storage devices that are provided to us for transfer.
  4. A 50% cancellation fee applies – should customer decide to cancel unfinished work.
  5. A store credit will be issued for any non-transferable media.
  6. AV Workshop is not responsible for any media or work lost by shipping carriers (USPS, FedEx, UPS, etc.). By placing your order you acknowledge that AV Workshop is not responsible for late, damaged, lost, or misdirected mail.
  7. AV Workshop will keep customer projects backed up on our systems for up to 14 days. After this time period, we cannot guarantee that we will have backups of projects as we have to clear out storage space on our systems for incoming jobs.
  8. AV Workshop may dispose of media storage containers (such as film canisters, plastic tubs, etc.) if they have been shipped or dropped off with media that is excessively dirty or contains mold, vinegar syndrome, or other contaminants. All actual film/media will be returned but may be placed on new reels or in new containers after cleaning and transfer. This policy allows AV Workshop to remain dust-free, sanitary, and reduces health risk and/or transfer of contaminants to staff and equipment. If possible, please prepare your media in accordance with our recommendations which can be found using the following link: How to Prepare Media for Transfer
    1. Video: Most videotapes are under 2 hours. AV Workshop’s transfer fee ($39 per tape) applies to standard 2 hour tapes. Additional content over 2 hours will incur an extra charge ($39 per every 2 hour increment reached). Blank tapes will incur a flat fee of $10 as we play and check the tape thoroughly to ensure there is no footage. T.V. recordings will be transferred and charged up to 2 hours max.
    2. Film: AV Workshop charges one output fee per every 2 hours of film. Therefore, if your total film transfer is under 2 hours, you will be charged only one output fee. If your total transfer exceeds 2 hours, there will be an additional output fee per every extra 2 hours. 2 hours of film is equal to about 1600 ft.

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