Audio Video Workshop – REVIEWS

Finding you at Euro Video was like discovering a treasure of skill and personal attention. We entrusted you with our old families films from the ’60s and ’70s, and you created heirloom DVDs with appropriate music and aesthetic titles that thrilled our children and grandchildren. Then you created crystal-clear digital files from our old audio tapes. Thank you for helping us pass forward our family story, and for your personal and technical excellence.


I started watching the videos..I am still drying the tears…they are amazing…thank you sooooo much! My family is going to go crazy at Christmas and many many days and months and years later watching these memories of our family. You did a great job and I thank you from the bottom of my heart..


Thanks for transferring our good ole family home movies from VHS to DVD format, they turned out great! The reproduction quality and packaging presentation was well received by my family, and
the DVD will be part of our family heirloom. Thanks again for a superb job!


The DVD was the “cherry on top” of the entire evening! Doug loved it! He had tears in his eyes the entire time and then cried when he heard the kids messages at the end. To look back on your life and feel so proud and blessed is the best gift ever. Thank you so much for putting it all together for us! I bet you make so many people happy.

PS- I think I have watched the DVD about 100 times. Seriously, I love it!


Recently purchased a groupon since my mom has been wanting to transfer some old family movies onto DVD and this place definitely deserves all of the high ratings and praises. I rarely give 5 star reviews! The gentleman that helped me, was extremely helpful and answered all of my questions. I immediately felt comfortable giving him my business so much that I even paid regular price for 3 additional transfers.  I am actually going back to take the rest of my mothers old videos.
Very reasonably priced and takes credit cards. Great location and plenty of parking(at least I’ve never had an issue).

Maria M

They transferred some very old and dear super 8 and 8mm film and did a great job.  I used another service for other films and I wish I had gone to Audio Video instead!  They did everything they promised and within a reasonable time!

Patricia Y

After attending my 50th high school reunion, I trusted Audio Video Workshop with a 50-year-old vinyl recording of my high school concert choir (class of 64!).  Many of my classmates were interested in a digital version of the record, so AV Workshop produced 24 CDs and MP3 versions.  They completed the job in just a few days, and did a marvelous job of cleaning up the inevitable pops and hisses on such an old record.  I received many positive comments from my classmates, commending Audio Visual Workshop for the excellent quality of the CDs and MP3s.

Kendall W

Took in 16, 8 mm Cassettes that were filmed from 1988 to 2005.  My video camera was no longer working so I was not sure what was on the tapes.  I wanted to make three copies, one for each of my children as Christmas presents. Scott put together three DVD sets plus a master in 3 weeks. The picture quality and sound were excellent. He put two, 8 pack DVD cases together with pictures of my children on the DVD cases.  The DVD’s were numbered and in order based on the dates on my original tapes. Very happy with the quality and price.

John D.

These guys are great. Awesome to work with & flexible with projects & timing. They helped me put together a detailed slideshow & were so patient & helpful. They’re knowledgeable & professional, & I keep going back!