Audio Cassette to CD Transfer – We can digitize your Audio Tapes and enhance them with noise reduction. Common exports are Audio CD, mp3 files, wave files and aiff files – San Jose, San Francisco Bay Area

Bring Your Memories Back to Life!

Micro Cassette Tape to CD TransferAudio Video Workshop can transfer cassette tapes to CD. By transferring your audio tapes to CD, you will give new life to those precious memories! Each audio cassette tape is handled with care and is only used once as a source tape for playback. We digitize and convert your audio tapes to CD, so that you can listen to them on any CD player.

Also, AV-Workshop can enhance your audio recordings during the audio tape to CD transfer by optimizing the audio levels and reducing the noise which audio cassette recordings are prone to have. Once the audio cassette is digitized, we can apply noise reduction filters such as hiss & hum removal, crackle & pop removal, as well as level optimization which raises the vocal level of the recording while limiting the overall level of the recording. Thus, your memories will sound better than ever and will be there for generations to come! We also transfer LP to CD / Vinyl Record to CD transfer. So, bring your memories into AV-Workshop and Back to Life Today!

Audio Transfer Order Form

Standard Play Audio Cassette Transfer (60min)
$25 each
Long Play Audio Cassette Transfer (90-120min)
$25 each (requires 2 CDs)
Audio Hiss & Hum Removal with Level Optimization
Track Separation
$5 extra per file
Tape Repair $20
CD Copy


audio tape to cd transfer san francisco bay area


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